25 things to do in Dundee

Have you ever been to the city of Dundee in Scotland?

Dundee is often eclipsed by the other more well-known cities in Scotland. However, Dundee has a LOT to offer. There’s underground vaults, a street art trail, an amazing independent restaurant scene, and a secret bar.

If you’ve never been to Dundee before or have preconceptions about what it’s like then I’d say: it’s probably not what you think. The city has evolved, rebranded, has had a sh*t ton of investment, and has even been talked about by Vogue

Here’s my guide to 25 things you can do in Dundee…

More things to do in Dundee


The best restaurants in Dundee

Dundee has a really strong independent restaurant scene that foodies will love!

While the city has its share of well-known restaurant chains, they don’t dominate the food scene. That means there’s a bit of an indie vibe when it comes to eating and drinking in Dundee.

Food-wise, there’s pretty much everything you could expect to find. Restaurants serving Mexican food, tapas, fine dining options, top-notch fish suppers, and the kind of indulgent mac ’n’ cheese that will make you want to go back again and again. Let’s dive into my restaurant guide…


The best things to do in Broughty Ferry

You may not have heard of Broughty Ferry before.

It’s a suburb of the city of Dundee and lies a few miles to the east of the city. It’s a small but perfectly formed port town with a picturesque harbour, castle and lots of lovely cafés, shops restaurants and bars to enjoy. When it comes to charm, it’s there in buckets (and spades).

Here’s my guide on how you can make the most out of your time in Broughty Ferry. I’ll share my tips on the best brunch spots, the cosiest pubs, and the ice cream parlour you don’t want to miss.

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