• Okay I might have to pay Dundee a proper visit! The vaults tour sounds awesome, and I want to go to Dynasty now! The McManus gallery is really good by the way, I was so surprised! Definitely worth a visit.

    • Thanks so much for reading. Yeah Dundee is a bit of a sleeper hit, there’s definitely more going on than there used to be. I most definitely need to get myself along to the McManus! I wouldn’t mind a trip up to Orkney one day too – my boyfriend is a Sheltie and I’ve been there but I’ve not made it to Orkney yet 🙂

  • […] grumpy so and so. It’s not like there isn’t anything to do here – I’ve written a 3000 word blog post on the subject, right? So I decided if I couldn’t go on holiday properly then I would go ‘on […]

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