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Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. Here are a few things that you might like to know about me…

The short version: I’m 30-something, I live in Scotland, and I’ve been blogging since October 2019. I started off with a lifestyle blog and I’ve gradually niched down into travel. I mostly write about short breaks and weekends away, while throwing in the occasional long-haul trip.

I fell in love with travelling pretty late in the game. Having spent my teenage years going on package holidays, I ended up not going abroad for a spell of five or six years in my late teens / early twenties – pretty much just because I was broke. Everyone is broke at 22, right?

The knock-on effect for me though was that I got way out of practice at going to new places, and when I did eventually make it to Berlin with my then-boyfriend I didn’t really enjoy it. True story.

However, that gradually started to change as I went on more trips abroad throughout my twenties… and it did a complete 180 when I moved to China – alone – aged 29. I’ve not looked back since, and I’ve gone on to visit Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and India, as well as various places in Europe. I do all this using my annual leave from my marketing job.

Since getting a dog a year or so ago I’ve also enjoyed seeing my home country of Scotland a lot more in the form of cosy cottage stays. For the most part, you’ll find me on my corner sofa with a cup of tea as I work my way through writing another 3000+ word blog post!

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