Dog walks in Dundee: parks, beaches and waterfront walks!

dog walks in Dundee

Looking for some ideas for new walks? From parks to beaches to the local nature reserve, here are some of my favourite dog walks in Dundee!

Keep your four-legged friends happy with my pick of the best dog walks in Dundee…

When I started a travel blog the last thing I expected to be writing about was dog walks. I had all these adventures in far-flung places planned in my head and I thought I’d be sharing some of my adventures from all sorts of exotic destinations.  

However, 2020 happened. And during that time when we weren’t able to travel anywhere I got to take a deep dive into my local area. There are certainly plenty of places that I wouldn’t have visited if everything was operating as normal, and taking out my golden labrador Kasper has certainly enabled me to enjoy lots of new places in the local area.

Dog walks in Dundee

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Here are my favourite dog walks in Dundee along with the pros and cons of each so you know what you expect.

Dog walks in Dundee

Dundee waterfront

Dundee is nestled onto the banks of the River Tay, and so a walk along the waterfront equals incredible views.

I love how different the water can look depending on the weather – and the tide. Some days it’s shimmering and glass-like, whereas on others it’s grey and choppy, with frothing white horses. The waterfront has enjoyed a £1 billion redevelopment over the past few years, with the V&A Dundee also located here, so this area really showcases the best of what the city has to offer.

The pros:

There are plenty of pitstops for food, coffee, or just a breather. Bridgeview Station Restaurant does great breakfast rolls, Heather Street Food van outside the V&A is known for its amazing churros, and there’s also an ice cream parlour (Janettas Gelateria) opening up on the waterfront soon.

The cons:

It gets busy down here with runners, cyclists, and other walkers, especially at the weekend. It’s also located next to a busy main road, so you’ll have to keep your dog on a lead for the whole walk.

Dog walks in Dundee

Magdalen Green Dundee

If you’re visiting the west end of Dundee then it’s well worth stopping by gorgeous green space, Magdalen Green. It’s one of my favourite dog walks in Dundee and one of my favourite parks in the city. Why? It boasts a brilliant central location that’s within touching distance of many other tourist hotspots. It’s also a haven of calm; as soon as you step into it you instantly find yourself unwinding. The bandstand is one of the most recognisable spots in the city!


It’s centrally located and is only two minutes away from all the charming shops and cafes on the Perth Road. If you want to get a warming coffee ahead of your walk then it’s perfectly placed!


It’s not fully enclosed. If your dog is still prone to running off then that’s something to bear in mind. There are also no toilets, which makes lounging around here in the summer months more tricky than it should be.

Dog walks in Dundee

Broughty Ferry beach

I couldn’t write about dog walks in Dundee without including what some consider to be the jewel in Dundee’s crown, the bustling port town of Broughty Ferry. The Ferry, as it’s known to locals, is as charming as it comes.

There’s a busy high street, cafes and restaurants, and even a stunning castle right on the shore. However, the best dog walk location is the beach! It’s often a little bit brisk but it also offers lovely views of the Tay and nearby Fife.


The scenery is gorgeous! You’ll also spot the cheerful yellow Cheese on Coast street food van nearby, where you can enjoy loaded roast potatoes, quesadillas, and halloumi burgers! From a practical perspective, there are also toilets located by the beach.


Broughty Ferry is a very popular location so that can be a bit more challenging if your dog is prone to getting over-excited and running off. Just me? Something to bear in mind at least.

Dog walks in Dundee

Riverside Nature Reserve

The nature reserve in Dundee is pretty much my go-to dog walk. It’s located on the old landfill site in the west end of the city, which maybe doesn’t sound too nice. However, it’s been fully reclaimed and is a really lovely spot for a dog walk.

You can enjoy beautiful views of Invergowrie and the Tay Estuary and, as the name suggests, there’s also lots of nature to soak up. It’s also fully enclosed so your dog can have a real run around – oh, and there’s plenty of parking too.

The nature reserve is a bit further out – it’s located well beyond Dundee airport – so it is easier to get to with a car. However, now that you can hire ebikes in Dundee city centre you can get there quite easily that way. As I mention in this post on the best free things to do in Dundee, it’s less than a twenty-minute cycle from the centre of Dundee.


As you would expect from the name, the wildlife here is lovely. Expect to see rabbits, skylarks, a pond with ducks and swans, and even a couple of rather charming highland cows who always seem happy to pose for pics! There’s also a toilet near the picnic benches.


Nothing really! I guess the only con is that it is more accessible by car.

Dog walks in Dundee

Caird Park

This was a new find for me this year, but it’s a bit of a hidden gem! I was surprised I’d never been here before in all of the years I’ve lived in Dundee considering how nice it is. Located in the Whitfield area on the northeast, it’s a bit further out – but worth the trip.

What’s so great about it? Well, as soon as you pull in you’ll be presented with the view of Mains Castle, which is a 16th century castle. It’s absolutely stunning! I couldn’t believe there was such a historic gem tucked away in a park along the road from me.

Aside from the castle, there are different areas to explore. Walk along the pond, take one of the woodland paths fringed with trees and bushes, or have a run around in the wide green space.


The wildlife was extraordinary. We saw a deer so up close it was insane! The deer also seemed incredibly used to humans as it didn’t immediately bolt when it saw us. I’m definitely going back to try and get some pics!


Caird Park is located directly next to a golf course, so that did put us off letting Casper off the lead. I could just picture him bolting out on the green and causing chaos!

Dog walks in Dundee

Balgay Park

Balgay Park is vast! It just seems to keep on going and going, so it’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a fairly long dog walk from the comfort of the city centre. Along with lots of green space that’s perfect for lounging in during the summer – and throwing a ball for our four-legged friends – there are also a few hidden gems to explore…

One of my favourite spots is the bright blue Balgay Bridge. It’s rumoured to be haunted by the White Lady of Balgay Bridge who fell to her death onto the rocks below. I love a good ghost story and so I definitely won’t be crossing the Balgay Bridge at night!


It’s central, it’s big, and it offers some lovely alternate views of the city if you go up the hill. Mills Observatory is also located here at Balgay Park.


As it’s in the centre of town it is busier than some of the other locations. It’s also not fully enclosed and I actually saw a dog bolt out of the park last time I was there.

Dog walks in Dundee

Monifieth beach

If you’re looking for a l-o-o-o-n-g beach walk then Monifieth beach is your best bet. The last time I came here we clocked up over 7km and we could’ve kept on going for even longer! This is one of those beaches that doubles in size when the tide goes out (possibly more) so as well as stretching for miles and miles it’s also incredibly wide. That means you can escape the crowds and enjoy a really peaceful and solitary walk if that’s what you fancy!  


It’s huge! Monifieth beach is a great place to blow off the cobwebs and enjoy an uncrowded and unspoilt seaside walk – it really is lovely. There’s also ample parking.


The only con I can think of is that the tide comes in quickly, so you may find yourself having to take off your socks and shoes to wade through the shallows to get back to the shire. Trust me, that’s not overly fun in the winter months!

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