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A guide to the East Neuk of Fife

The East Neuk, located in the kingdom of Fife, has all the cute coastal charm you’d need.

The East Neuk is a cluster of charming fishing villages that are characterised by cute seaside cottages with red pan tiles and sash windows – all painted in different shades of pastel. Everything feels like it’s in miniature here, like you’ve gone off grid and accidentally wandered into Liliput.

The area has a unique charm which possibly comes from the fact that there’s no railway. But it certainly packs a punch- this is where the world-famous Anstruther Fish Bar is located, after all.

Read on for my complete guide to the distinct villages of the East Neuk…

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fish and chips Anstruther


A guide to fish and chips in Anstruther

You may have heard about the famous fish and chip shop in Anstruther before.

It’s called the Anstruther Fish Bar and it’s something of a big deal. If you’re looking for the very best version of the deep-fried delicacy that is fish and chips then this is the place to come. It’s won multiple awards over the years and Prince William and Tom Hanks are said to be fans.

The queues outside pay testament to its popularity – because it’s always incredibly long! However, every time I’ve come here the fish supper I’ve come out with has been worth the wait.

Here’s my guide to the best fish and chips in Scotland, reportedly…

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