Eating and drinking in Venice: my top picks

what to eat in venice in winter

Are you even in Venice if you don’t indulge in all of the delicious food on offer? There’s so much to try in this beautiful city, but I’ve whittled it down to my top picks based on my short trip there last December. Cloaked in a gorgeous palette of moody greys and blues, the city in winter is cold, crisp, and totally charming – which may or may not have made me even hungrier than normal. Anyway… read on for my take on the five things you should make it onto your list for eating and drinking Venice…

Flavoured tiramisu at I Tre Mercanti. I found out about this place on a blog before we left and I’m so grateful because I have a near obsession with tiramisu, even when not in Italy. They have a whole host of flavours on offer, which change every day, so you can go for the classic version – or try something a little more exotic. I went for the amaretto option (another obsession) and my boyfriend had chestnut and vanilla, which were both delicious. I would love to go back just to try all the other varieties on offer, particularly the pistachio flavour. It’s definitely worth getting lost for.

Hot chocolate at Caffe Florian. When I say hot chocolate, what I really mean is dreamy, molten chocolate in a teacup that is so filling you won’t need to order anything else on the menu. Which is just as well because it’s all eye-wateringly expensive. For me, going to Caffe Florian was about soaking up the atmosphere of the city; with its sophisticated, cosy red velvet interior and shabby chic exterior, along with its long history (it’s the oldest cafe in Venice don’t you know?) it embodies that so well. Set on St Mark’s Square, there’s absolutely no chance of missing it.

Sumptuous pasta served up right by the Rialto Bridge. Yes, it’s peak tourist area and yes, you might be exhausted after fighting your way through the crowds on the bridge, but I actually found the meal we had here really rather lovely. The views are charming and it was nice to sit outside to enjoy them. The pasta was also delicious – give me ravioli in a creamy sauce and I’m pretty much anyone’s – and this didn’t disappoint. Walk down a bit further to avoid the places with the ugly plastic sheets that block your view of the river and you might even get to watch the gondolas bobbing along as you eat. As long as you have a heater in your vicinity and a good coat you’ll be totally fine.

Aperol Spritz. This is another one that I can’t seem to get through a holiday without ordering. Whether it’s Rhodes in July or freezing cold Venice in December there always seems to be a good time to have one, because what could be more cheerful than an oversized glass of orange goodness? Maybe its the Scottish in me and it subconsciously reminds me of our national carbonated drink of choice, Irn Bru. Either way, I look rather sheepish about it here…

Gelato. Eat it anywhere, at any time, morning, noon or night. Think it’s too cold in December to enjoy ice cold gelato? Think again. We grabbed ours from a shop on the street on the way back from dinner one night and it was just what the doctor ordered – of course I got my favourite, which is mint and chocolate chip flavour. It was so good I think I could have eaten it all over again.

So those are my top picks for eating and drinking in Venice. What have you enjoyed eating here?

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  1. Having coffee at Café Florian made me feel in Venice more than any gondolas on the canals there. It really makes you imagine how Venetians used to live before we tourists invaded them.

    1. Absolutely, it’s such a gorgeous space. I didn’t even take a gondola when I visited (a combination of it being too cold and too expensive, I loved just walking around and taking everything.

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