22 things to do in Dubrovnik

things to do in Dubrovnik

Strap in for your city tour – here’s my detailed guide to the best things to do in Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik is a city that has it all. Old world charm. Beautiful cobbled streets. A starring role in what was one of the biggest TV shows in the world. What more could you ask for really? They even have resident cats, which saunter around like they own the place. Quite rightly, too.

Honestly, there are so many things to do in Dubrovnik. There’s the historic and absolutely charming old town. There’s the narrow streets and alleyways that lead you off in all different directions, just begging to be explored. Then there are the Game of Thrones filming locations, of course, where you can see all the scenes from King’s Landing brought to life.

I visited Dubrovnik for seven days in May, which may sound like a long time. However, there were still things that I didn’t get to do that I would have liked to. Whether you dip your toe in over a long weekend or stay for a week or two and mix up your sightseeing with beach days, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an amazing time in Dubrovnik.

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things to do in Dubrovnik

What you need to know about Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most famous walled cities. Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, the city is located in the area of Dalmatia in the southern part of Croatia. The stunning historic Old Town looks out to the shimmering greeny-blue water.

Once known as Ragusa, the city was almost being destroyed by a devastating earthquake in 1667. Nowadays, it’s included on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites and is one of the Mediterranean’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s pretty easy to see why!

Here’s my guide to the best things to do in Dubrovnik…

things to do in Dubrovnik

1) The city walls

Get a bird’s eye view of Dubrovnik’s distinctive red roof tiles by doing a city walls tour. It’s a great way to get your bearings in the city and you’ll be spoiled with unbelievable views in every direction. Every corner you turn presents a new, ridiculously beautiful angle!

There are also some surprises along the way on the Dubrovnik city walls tour, including a wonky basketball court. You can also climb down to the water from the city walls so if you do fancy a quick dip, no need to hold back. Finally, it was interesting to see people’s washing hanging out in the quieter corners. A great reminder that people actually live here.

things to do in Dubrovnik

Things to look out for on the city walls tour:

  • The iconic red roof tiles
  • The basketball court
  • Views of Lokrum island
  • Sneak peek at the monastery gardens
  • Look out for the famous Buza Bar

A few things to note about the city walls. You can buy the Dubrovnik card and get discounts for the city walls tour and numerous attractions all in one, so that’s worth thinking about.

The other useful tip that I read in a blog was that you can use your city walls ticket to also gain entry to the Loveijencac Fort. You also don’t have to do it on the same day, you can take up to three days. So definitely don’t pay to do the fort tour separately!

things to do in Dubrovnik

2) Walk along the Stradun

The Stradun is the most famous street in Dubrovnik. It takes you from the famous Pile Gate at the entrance of the Old Town, all the way to the Port, where you can catch a ferry to the island of Lokrum or to one of the many other island destinations.

One interesting thing I discovered about the Stradun is that it used to be a canal that divided the old town from the rest of the surrounding area. The canal was built on top of and then paved in limestone in 1468, which created its famous light-coloured pavement.  

However, it was following an earthquake in 1667 that the buildings in this area were rebuilt in a more uniform style. Two rows of baroque stone buildings were built on either side of the Stradum which resulted in the famous views that we now know.

things to do in Dubrovnik

The famous promenade stretches 298 metres long in total, and the good news is that it’s pedestrianised so you don’t have to worry about hopping out of the way of cars. Just the crowds! It’ll take you around ten minutes to walk along the street although TBH you’re probably going to get distracted by the many shops, bars, and cafes along the way. 

Oh, and Game of Thrones isn’t the only big-name film studio who have chosen Dubrovnik as a filming location. The Stradum actually features 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie where Dubrovnik is the casino city of Canto Bight. It was also the location of a charity tennis match between John McEnroe and Croatian player, Goran Ivanisevic back in 2010.

things to do in Dubrovnik

3) Explore the Old Town

Because there are so many things to do in Dubrovnik, it’s quite easy to find yourself rushing around from one thing to the next – from the city walls, to the cable car, to the ferry to Lokrum island. Trust me, I know! There’s a lot of ground to cover with this city, not necessarily in terms of metres squared, but definitely in terms of what there is to see and do.

It took us to about day three in Dubrovnik before we actually had a chance to mill around and get ourselves lost in the maze of streets and I was so grateful we did.

things to do in Dubrovnik

There are so many nooks and crannies begging to be explored. I loved wandering up the steps, turning the next corner, and peering down all the alleyways. There are also restaurants and cafes that are quieter than the ones on the main streets.

Of course, doing this also helps you unearth all the best photo spots. We found some crackers, including the entrance to the basketball court. We also found a lovely set of stone steps to perch and strike a pose on, although of course, my sister had to trip on the way back down. In front of a group of builders taking a break, no less. Yeah… we’ll never be cool.

things to do in Dubrovnik

4) Lovrijenac Fort

Standing at 37 metres in height, the Fort Lovriijenac is instantly recognisable as the Red Keep from Game of Thrones. However, it’s actually known as the Fort of St Lawrence.

Back in the day, it was defended by 10 large cannons and the largest of which was known as the Lizard! Watch out folks, the Lizard is gonna get you! And while we’re on the subject of cannons, as you wander around the old town, if you pay attention you’ll see piles of cannonballs piled up here and there.

The interesting thing is that the cannonballs back then were actually made of rock rather than metal because the latter was too expensive.

things to do in Dubrovnik

Another interesting thing to mention is the thickness of the walls, another topic I’ll be revisiting. The walls facing the sea at Fort Lovriijenacare are up to 12 metres thick in parts, which is wild!

In comparison, the parts of the wall that are facing Dubrovnik are only 60cm thick. So it definitely has its best foot forward when it comes to defences, try getting through that! 

Just a reminder, if you’ve got a city walls ticket you can get in here for free. Climb to the top for some beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea as well as Blackwater Bay from GoT.

things to do in Dubrovnik

5) St John Fortress

The St John Fortress is located on the southeastern side of Dubrovnik, near the main port entrance. The main structure of the fortress dates back to the 16th century. The fort protected Dubrovnik from pirates and other attacks and was the city’s main defensive bastion.

So, how does the fort say defensive bastion… without saying defensive bastion? Again, it’s the thickness of the walls! I couldn’t get over how thick they were – they are serious chunkers. But, as our walking tour guide said, and as I know from my many views of LOTR’s The Two Towers and the battle of Helm’s Deep, the walls getting breached = the shit hitting the fan.

things to do in Dubrovnik

Nowadays, the fort is home to both the maritime museum and the aquarium. We ran out of time to go to these but I would’ve quite liked to go to the aquarium. Why not, eh?

One thing I would recommend is taking a stroll around the periphery of the St John Fortress. Start at the port area and keep going around the edges of the city and you’ll find some nice little nooks to sit down, dip your toes in the water, or even do some sunbathing.

things to do in Dubrovnik

6) Rector’s Palace

The Rector’s Palace is part of the power triangle that you’ll find in the centre of Dubrovnik’s old town.

First, there’s the church, represented by the cathedral. Next, there’s trade, represented by the old customs house next to the port. Finally, there’s the government, which is represented by the building we’re talking about, Rector’s Palace. These three buildings combined formed a triple threat of power.

My first words when seeing Rector’s Palace were, wow, what a beautiful building. It’s a mix of Renaissance and Gothic architectural styles and is incredibly striking, inside and out. I loved the columns, the gothic windows, and the grandeur of the stone staircase. It’s also another location you’ll recognise if you’re a Game of Thrones fan.

It was used as a seat of government in the time when Dubrovnik was an independent republic. Interesting fact: the rector wasn’t permitted to have his family come and live with him in the palace. If you buy a ticket to the museum you can wander around and see restored rooms, coats of arms, and coins. It sounds like a real treasure trove!

things to do in Dubrovnik

7) Dubrovnik cathedral

Dubrovnik Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral. Apparently, the basilica at the church was partially funded by Richard the Lion Heart, who was shipwrecked nearby on the way back from the Crusades. More about him later. However, an earthquake in Dubrovnik in 1667 largely destroyed the building, and so it was subsequently rebuilt in a Baroque style.

One interesting thing about the cathedral is that it’s not positioned in the way you might think. As you look up at it from the street you see a side door rather than the main entrance. Our walking tour guide told us that this was because it was designed to face onto the port, so that people coming to the city by sea would see the cathedral in all its glory.

We only popped in here for a few minutes. It was lovely, although I feel I have been spoiled when it comes to beautiful churches recently. I enjoyed having a look around but, not gonna lie, it was just as nice to get out of the constant drizzling rain for five minutes or so. 

things to do in Dubrovnik

8) Have a drink at a cave bar

There isn’t much better than sitting in the sunshine and sipping on a cold drink. If you’re visiting Dubrovnik’s old town than Buza Bar is the one that ticks all the boxes. Buza translates as “hole in the wall” and that’s because you literally pass through a hole in the city walls and down to the bar. Say hello to properly stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

We poked our noses through to have a look at Buza Bar and it did look incredible. You really can’t argue with those views! It’s reportedly a little bit pricey and has a limited selection of drinks, but when you have that view you probably don’t care too much. You can also climb down the ladders and into the sea if your drink isn’t cooling you down quite enough!

things to do in Dubrovnik

There’s also the Buza II which you can find by following the sign for cold drinks. I’m not gonna lie, we found these bars more by accident rather than design as we made our way around the edges of the city walls checking out all the nooks and crannies. 

The only other important thing to note is that there’s no bathroom at Buza Bar which put me off a little bit! Maybe stick to short drinks rather than a beer, I guess?

things to do in Dubrovnik

9) Dubrovnik Old Town walking tour

There are a ton of walking tours that you can do in Dubrovnik. Of course, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan then Dubrovnik is the place to be. You can do GoT group tours and private tours, and some of them even have props you can wear and strike a pose in.

However, we opted for a regular walking tour as I was interested in hearing more about the history of Dubrovnik rather than seeing it through the lens of the TV show. There were still mentions of the show throughout the tour as it really has been a game-changer for this small city, but it wasn’t the main focus. So what walking tour did we choose?

I opted for a GuruWalks walking tour which is a free tour. I’d done one in Copenhagen when I was there earlier this year and I was impressed by how good it was. I’m pretty new to walking tours but I’m a bit of a convert now. They’re a great way to get under the skin of a city and bring the various buildings and landmarks to life!

The GuruWalks walking tour is free but they do make money from tips. It’s not an obligation but I’d always want to pay something in exchange for someone’s time. You can choose to pay what works best for your budget, so I liked having that flexibility.

Our tour guide was called Marco and he really was excellent. He grew up in Dubrovnik and still stays close by and so he was able to offer a local’s view on the city and how it has changed over the years. He also studied history so he was also really knowledgeable about all the big moments in the city’s history, including its big rivalry with Venice!

Should you do a Game of Thrones walking tour in Dubrovnik?

Should you do a regular walking tour or a Game of Thrones walking tour? I’m not gonna lie, I did consider a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik. Me: I watched the show and I was pretty invested in it at the time. Also me: I never really got to grips with the names of all the characters and I’ve forgotten half of what happened in it. I know!  

I was worried about being on the walking tour and hearing all these names and locations and just being like, hmmm, who are they talking about again? Having a blank face on for the whole tour sounds like a total cringe to me.

However, I did read that some of the tours have visuals – a cheat sheet with a picture of the character and the scene – to prompt your memory. So maybe it would be OK.

We were able to catch a glimpse of some of the GoT tours as we milled around the city. The hosts did look high energy and engaging so if that’s your jam, go for it!

10) Spot the Game of Thrones locations

I may have not done the tour but I definitely enjoyed wandering around Dubrovnik and snapping all of the Game of Thrones locations. Or should I say King’s Landing?

As you walk into the city you’ll already be sitting some of the big hitters from the show. The Red Keep, which is Lovrijencac Fort, for one. There’s also the Minceta Tower, otherwise known as the House of the Undying. Where Daenerys discovers her dragons are gone!

The most famous is probably the Jesuit Staircase. This is where the famous Walk of Shame scene was filmed, where Cersei Lannister was forced to walk naked through the streets of King’s Landing. Our tour guide told us that on the day of filming, all the local residents were paid to keep their shutters closed so that the film crew could get the shots they needed.

Rector’s Palace is also a GoT filming location, and luckily you don’t even have to pay to get a quick shot of this if you fancy it. The doors are pulled open so you can grab a shot of what is the residence of the Spice King of Qarth, who Daenerys asks to take her army across the narrow sea. I thought it was a nice touch not to charge people for a photograph.

St Dominic Street is often used for the market scenes in King’s Landing. You may recognise the beautiful steps that lead up to a doorway, which is a bit of an Instagram hot spot!

things to do in Dubrovnik

11) Marin Drzic’s statue

As you walked around the streets of Dubrovnik’s old town you’re sure to pass the bronze statue of Marin Drizic just along from the clocktower. So who is Marin Drzic then?

He’s described as Croatia’s version of Shakespeare. He lived during the 16th century and is considered to be one of the country’s most prestigious playwrights and prose writers. According to our walking tour guide, he wrote comedies for his whole life until the very end, when he published a tragedy. He doesn’t really look like a comedy writer to me, but I shouldn’t judge by the less than jolly-looking statue.

There is a trend for rubbing the nose of the statue, which you can tell due to the fact that the nose is shiny and gold in comparison to the flat bronze of the rest of the statue.

things to do in Dubrovnik

12) Ride the Dubrovnik cable car

Want to get the best views of the city? Then get the cable car up Mount Srd. I read about this everywhere and it feels like one of the things that shouldn’t be missed in Dubrovnik.

It was good fun but, honestly, I did find it a little underwhelming. We weren’t exactly crushed in like sardines, but it does mean you want to be at the front of your group if you want to get the best view and not be stuck in the middle!

It lasts for about four minutes. I know, you’re probably thinking, how long did you expect it to last? And that’s true. It just all seemed to be over pretty quickly, considering it costs about £20 one way. Once you get to the top there’s a viewing platform that everyone spills out onto.

Once the crowd dissipates (you might need a minute or two!) you should be able to get some decent views of the Old Town and the nearby Lokrum island. But you’re better going for a wander at the top and finding your own views. A much prefer the ruggedness of this pic than the viewing platform!

things to do in Dubrovnik

One decision that you will have to make is whether you get the cable car both ways, up and down, or whether you just go one way. We opted to get the cable car up and then hiked back down. The route zig-zags down the mountain and the pathway is really stony for most of it, which isn’t a lot of fun. My sister and I definitely slipped more than once!

It was nice to get the step count up but I don’t know if I would want to do it again. It’s a bit too scrabbly for me! It also took us the best part of an hour to get down and we were definitely over it – and needing a bathroom break by that time. I wouldn’t fancy it in the baking heat of peak summer!

things to do in Dubrovnik

13) Eat ice cream at Peppino’s

It would be a shame to visit Croatia and not sample some of the delicious gelato.

There are a ton of places to get ice cream in Dubrovnik. However, I would advise holding out for Peppino’s, which was an amazing find! Their marketing says it’s the best ice cream in Dubrovnik and I would be inclined to agree. But what makes Peppino’s stand out?

Well, it’s got clear Instagram vibes about it. The faux shrubbery. The bright yellow interior. The neon signage. I just knew that this was a place I would like. The flavours are also a little bit different to your run-of-the-mile ice cream flavours.

things to do in Dubrovnik

There are your chocolate, vanilla, pistachio and Snickers flavours, as well as a variety of fruity sorbets. But there’s also some more unusual flavours in the mix. Tiramisu, anyone? There’s also cookie, lemon pie, and Mozart, which is almond gelato swirled with dark chocolate and pistachio sauce. Yum!

My sister went for the latter, which she said was amazing. I opted for pistachio, which comes with mixed with a pure paste made of 100% pistachio. Wow, it was amazing.

 There are two Peppino’s in Dubrovik. One is in the street that runs parallel to the Stradum, on the right- hand side if you enter through the Pile gate. The other Peppino’s is near the port, just along from the steps that lead up to the Dominican Monastery. This is the one that we went to on our trip. I’d love to go back here and work through the menu!

things to do in Dubrovnik

14) Lokrum island

One of the coolest things to do in Dubrovnik is to visit the island of Lokrum. It’s only a short 15-minute ferry trip away and it’s definitely worth seeing! It’s really leafy and green and it makes a welcome change of pace from the bustling city of Dubrovnik. And to get away from the crowds in summer!

Lokrum was where Richard the Lionheart found shelter on the way back from the Crusades. I’m not too hot on my history but I know him from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves! The island is home to an abandoned monastery and the ruins are lovely to wander around.

There are also peacocks that wander around freely and give you a fright when they start yowling. Sorry, I don’t really know how else to describe a peacock call – it’s definitely loud!

things to do in Dubrovnik

Anyway, there are lots of interesting things to see on the island. You can also simply wander around and enjoy the vegetation. Oh, and there’s also a nudist beach. A woman we met on the bus (and then saw again at the airport when we were boarding our flight) told us about it, although I didn’t see it myself. But if that’s your jam you’re in luck in Lokrum.

How much are tickets to Lokrum?

Tickets cost 20 kuna and run several times a day. You can buy tickets in Dubrovnik.

things to do in Dubrovnik

At first, we couldn’t actually see where to buy tickets for the ferry to Lokrum. There are a ton of touts selling tickets for various excursions and you basically have to walk the gauntlet with them all trying to get your attention before you see a hole in the wall. Or, in the busier seasons, you might see a giant queue winding its way along the pavement.

You also have to be mindful of times. The last ferry of the day left at 6pm when we were there, although I believe in the peak summer months it’s the slightly later time of 7pm.

things to do in Dubrovnik

15) Sit on the Iron Throne

You can sit on the Iron Throne in Dubrovnik. And even better, it’s completely free! I actually had no idea that the throne was located here so when I walked in I actually gasped.  

The Iron Throne was a gift to Dubrovnik from HBO and is located on the island of Lokrum.

And, even more surprising, it’s the real deal. Dubrovnik used to have a replica version of the Iron Throne. However, back in 2015, Dubrovnik Mayor Andro Vlahušić said in an interview. “The only original Iron Throne from Game of Thrones will be permanently located in the island of Lokrum as of this summer, at the beginning of June.”

things to do in Dubrovnik

Well, well, well. Isn’t that just another reason why you definitely don’t want to miss visiting Lokrum on your trip to Dubrovnik? So, next thing, you may be wondering where the Iron Throne is located in Lokrum. It’s in the Lokrum Visitor Center and is part of a Game of Thrones exhibition.

There are videos with the cast to watch and lots of information on Game of Thrones which served as a nice little refresher for me. I can imagine this gets super crowded in summer but we didn’t even have to stand in a queue to sit on the throne.

There are numerous Game of Thrones tour which takes you on a walking tour of the old town and then takes you on the ferry to Lokrum. But you can just do it yourself – Lokrum is super easy to get to.

16) Sea kayaking in Dubrovnik

There are a ton of different ways to do sea kayaking in Dubrovnik. You can do sea kayaking and snorkelling. Sea kayaking at sunset. Sea kayaking around the city walls. Sea kayaking to one of the Elaphite islands. However you want to kayak, there’s probably a tour for it.

When we were there it was a little bit too cold for me to want to get in the water. But there were plenty of keen kayakers that we clocked while we sipped coffee at the Pile gate.

When we went to Lokrum we also ended up chatting with a group of people from the Netherlands who had kayaked all the way from the city. We were sprawled on the stone pier having a five-minute breather after traipsing around the length and breadth of Lokrum.

Up paddled up two kayaks with a bunch of people in them. They said it was great fun, but tiring. That’s my general view of kayaking – you need to have strong arms for it!

I think if I visited Dubrovnik in the warmer months I would book myself onto a kayaking trip. Sea kayaking with snorkelling is around £23. Sunset snorkelling with wine is around £29. It’s not going to break the bank. They are likely to sell out though!

things to do in Dubrovnik

17) Hang out with the cats of Dubrovnik

One thing you’ll notice as you walk around the streets of Dubrovnik is the multitude of moggies. Perched in doorways, sprawled out in the sunshine, or wandering under your feet as you enjoy a cold drink in the sunshine, some of the most visible residents of this city come in feline form. If you’re a cat lover like me then you will be in heaven!

Why are there so many cats in Dubrovnik? Well, cats are considered to be the oldest citizens of Dubrovnik’s old town. They were originally introduced into the city back in the 14th century to kill the rats and mice that were carriers of the bubonic plague.

things to do in Dubrovnik

The cats in Dubrovnik today are descendants of these OGs, and they stroll around like they own the place. They appear to be pretty well looked after here by the looks of it. We saw a lot of tourists carrying around cat kibble and feeding the cats near our hotel so I imagine similar happens here. There are even some ‘cat homes’ on the city walls where gaps in the walls have been filled with bedding so they can catch 40 winks in peace.

I loved this Time Out article that spotlights some of the best cat photography in the old town. As it highlights, you can follow Instagram’s #catsofdubrovnik hashtag for more.

things to do in Dubrovnik

18) The Dominican Monastery

We almost didn’t visit the Dominican Monastery but I’m so glad we did. It’s this little pocket of tranquillity with gorgeous architecture, orange trees, and a real sense of calm. When we were there we practically had the whole place to ourselves which was even better!

The monastery is located near the eastern side of the city, near the Ploce Gate. It was first established in 1225. However, it wasn’t until the 15th century that the monastery in its current format was completed. The cloister was built using the designs of a Florentine architect and it’s absolutely beautiful. Not only is it deliciously cool and sheltered from the heat of the sun, but it also looks onto the secluded internal garden. It’s lush, green, and gorgeous.

things to do in Dubrovnik

We wandered around and soaked up the stillness and calm of the monastery. There’s a stone well crown in the centre of the gardens, benches to sit down and take a ten-minute breather, and an exhibition.

The Dominican Monastery cost around £3 to enter so it’s really not pricey at all. There’s another monastery in Dubrovnik which is also worth checking out, which is the Franciscan Monastery. We ran out of time but I would have loved to have seen this, too.

things to do in Dubrovnik

19) Cocktails at a cave bar

I stayed in the area of Lapad during my trip to Dubrovnik, which is around two miles from the old town. You can catch a bus directly from the Pile Gate to this area where you’ll find numerous bars and restaurants. The one I want to highlight is the More Cave Bar.

It was actually recommended to us by the woman I mentioned earlier – the one we met on the bus on the way to the old town one morning. Wow, what a recommendation!

things to do in Dubrovnik

Make your way down some steps until you’re at sea level and take a seat at one of the tables and chairs that look out onto the water. You can pretty much hear the water lapping at your feet. We came here for cocktails at sunset a couple of times and it was amazing. The cocktails are delicious and it’s table service all the way so you don’t even have to get up.

But wait, didn’t I mention this was a cave bar? It is indeed, and despite what I just said I would definitely make sure that you take a wander inside during your visit. You’ll be able to see the bar area which is literally carved out of the rock – it’s pretty amazing.

things to do in Dubrovnik

20) Day trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina

I think I’ve outlined that there are plenty of things to do in Dubrovnik. However, there are also numerous excursions that you can take on your trip. You don’t even have to stay in the same country! We took a day trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina during our visit.

I booked it through Viator two days before our trip and there were still spaces available. However, as ever, you may want to be a little bit more organized in the busier seasons. It cost around £40 per person. There are a number of day trips from Dubrovnik but I chose this one because it stopped off at two destinations that I really like the look of…

The Kravice waterfalls were our first stop and they were wonderful. You have an hour here and you can have a drink in one of the surrounding bars, chill out on the shore, and have a swim in the water. It was incredibly cold my sister but I did take a short dip – go us!  

things to do in Dubrovnik

Next, it was onto historic Mostar, a UNESCO-protected world heritage site. It’s known for its famous ‘Stari Most’ bridge, from which numerous people jump from into freezing cold river below. We had a guided tour booked as part of the trip and our tour guide walked us through the streets of the old town and took us through the Turkish house, which was definitely worth visiting. Afterwards, we had some free time before heading back home.

A couple of things to note. You have to have your passport with you to cross the border on this trip. It’s an early start. We got picked up from our hotel at 7am and we didn’t get back until after 5pm. You will also spend a lot of time in the van. It was worth it to see what we did. However, the travel time did put us off doing another day trip to Montenegro.

However, I don’t want to leave on a negative note. All in all, it was a really great trip!

21) Visit a dog sanctuary

I mentioned the cats of Dubrovnik earlier. However, there’s actually something to do for dog lovers in Dubrovnik as well – you can go and help out at a dog sanctuary on the hill.

This suggestion is a little left field and it may not be for everyone if you simply want to relax on your trip to Dubrovnik. And that’s totally fair! It was recommended to us by a lovely lady who was on our day trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina. She’d already been once and were planning to go again. We didn’t go ourselves but I’m sharing for the dog lovers out there.

Žarkovica Animal Shelter first opened in 2004 when they built a space on the hill to house stray dogs. The shelter is now home to over 300 dogs, as well as 250 cats and kittens.

As you may expect, the dog sanctuary is under-resourced. There are numerous ways that visitors can help out, big and small. You could donate some dog food, offer to take the dogs for a walk, or even do some photography for them.

22) Go a see the abandoned hotel

The idea of an abandoned hotel seemed pretty intriguing to me. Empty places are creepy, right? The Hotel Belvedere was a five-star complex and it was supposed to embody luxury when it opened back in 1985. However, it was forced to close just six years later when it was attacked by Serbian forces during the Croation War of Independence.

It’s remained empty ever since. For the most part, anyway. Hotel Belvedere is one final Game of Thrones location that I’m gonna talk about today. You’ll recognise the sea-lvel amphitheatre as the place where the grisly battle between The Mountain and The Viper took place. That one always makes me shudder it’s just grim. Shudder.

I first caught a glimpse of the hotel when we were on the ferry to Lokrum. It’s not far from the old town and you walk there in around 30-40 minutes. The inside of the hotel is fenced off because it’s dangerous, but you can catch a glimpse at the famous amphitheatre. It’s definitely something to do that’s a little different!

That was my round-up of the best things to do in Dubrovnik!

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