Lindos Rhodes: a gorgeous Greek whitewashed village

Lindos rhodes

Lindos Rhodes is a pocketful of charm with whitewashed houses, narrow winding streets, and incredible views of the acropolis…

Lindos Rhodes is a must-visit destination on any trip to the Greek island of Rhodes.

It’s a gorgeous whitewashed village and is a real pocketful of charm. Expect a maze of winding streets, cute souvenir shops, and rooftop restaurants that are the perfect spot to enjoy some traditional Greek food. There’s also, of course, the spectacular views of the acropolis to take in.

If you can muster up the energy in the heat then making the walk up to the acropolis is well worth it for the views of St Pauls Bay and the greeny-blue ocean below. You can also head down to the beach below to cool off in the sea after all that exertion!

Luckily, I stayed at Lindos Village Resort & Spa, just a short drive away from Lindos, which meant that I was able to visit a few times over the course of my trip.

Where is Lindos Rhodes?

Lindos is located on the east coast of Rhodes, about 40km south from Rhodes Town.

Lindos: what do you need to know?

Here are five quick facts about the Lindos Rhodes…

  • Lindos only has 700 inhabitants – which I find just wild! It’s such a small number! As expected, most of them work in the tourism industry.
  • With that said, Lindos used to be a big naval powerhouse between the 16th and the 19th century and, here’s the crazy bit, at that time it had 17,000 residents.
  • The acropolis is a bit of a show-stealer. It’s rich with history, and even includes ruins which date back to 300 BC. I’ll be talking more on these a little bit later.  
  • The acropolis of Lindos is reported to get over 600,000 visitors each year, which makes it the second most important archaeological site in Greece.
  • At the back of the acropolis is the beautiful St Paul’s Bay, which gets its name because it’s where the Apostle Paul once stood on Rhodian soil.
lindos rhodes

Is Lindos worth visiting?

Absolutely! I kid you not, Lindos will charm your socks off. It’s not just your average tourist town, it’s a little Greek whitewashed wonder. It’s got culture, incredible views, gorgeous restaurants, and it all feels completely authentic and unspoilt at the same time. Saying that, Lindos was abuzz with tourists when I was there, so it’s not exactly a secret!

What is Lindos famous for?

Lindos is probably most famous for its acropolis, maze of whitewashed streets, and the amazing beaches surrounding it. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site.  

What is Lindos in Rhodes like?

I think I’ve said it already but here are a few words that sum up Lindos for me…

  • Charming
  • Romantic
  • Unspoilt
  • Historical
  • Authentic
lindos rhodes

Is Lindos good for couples?

I would say so. There aren’t many things more romantic than enjoying sunset dinners, wandering around hand in hand, or sipping on a crisp glass of white wine alongside some amazing views – at least for me! I was in Lindos as a couple and it certainly ticked a lot of boxes as a romantic destination.

Is Lindos Rhodes lively?

Hmmm. You’re talking to the holiday granny here. Normally I have a couple of drinks with dinner and then I’m ready to go to bed. What can I say, the heat makes me sleepy!

However, there were definitely a few cocktail bars we wandered past that looked rather tempting. Of course, it’s no Faliraki. If you want a proper big night out I’d head there.

What to do in Lindos Rhodes

lindos rhodes

Wander through the whitewashed streets

Losing yourself in the maze of streets in Lindos is one of the best parts of the village.

I loved exploring the narrow alleyways and have a nosey at the cute, souvenir shops packed with treasures. There are also charming details you don’t want to miss, such as the beautiful doorways, mosaics, and amazing views that sneak up on you.

I also enjoyed escaping the crowds by wandering up the little nooks and crannies to see what we could find. Half the time you end up in a dead-end but that’s all part of the fun, right?

lindos rhodes

Eat at a rooftop restaurant

If you come to Lindos the only place you want to head to is one of the many rooftop restaurants. There are ton of rooftop restaurants in Lindos which are the perfect spot to soak up the sunset accompanied by gorgeous views. There’s nothing like watching the sun sink into the horizon with the mighty acropolis lit up in the background!

What to eat in Lindos

My favourite thing over the course of the trip was hummus. Served with warm pitta bread and olives, I had it two or three times and it was amazing every single time.

Climb the acropolis

If you can muster up the energy to walk up to the acropolis you’ll be rewarded some fantastic views of the village and nearby beaches. There are donkeys that ferry tourists up and down but I felt bad about burdening them with my weight. It was really hot and they did seem to get hurried up the incline a bit too quickly for me. If you do choose to walk it you can soak up the views on the way at a leisurely pace.

How high is the acropolis in Lindos?

The acropolis is over 100m tall, coming in at 116m.

How long does it take to climb the acropolis in Lindos?

It takes around 20-25 minutes to climb the acropolis.

How much are donkey rides in Lindos?

A donkey ride will set you back around eight euros.

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Explore the acropolis

OK, so what do you actually do when you get to the top of the acropolis?

Well, it’s even more stunning than you’d imagine. Expect huge columns that seem to defy all sense of proportion, an ancient Greek theatre, and ruins that make you feel like you’re walking through history. Offset by the views and it really is spectacular!

Before you ever arrive at the acropolis you’ll see the battlements dotted around the edge of the acropolis, which are said to be constructed by the Knights of St John. My favourite ruin was the magnificent Staircase of the Proplaea, a monumental staircase that dates back to the 4th century BC. The Doric Temple of Athena Lindia and the columns of Hellenistic stoa are equally impressive, as well as the Church of St John on the acropolis.

And, as I mentioned, if all these incredibly ruins aren’t enough, you can also enjoy panoramic views of Lindos village, St Paul’s Bay, and beaches to the right of the acropolis.

lindos rhodes

Key information about Lindos acropolis

Lindos acropolis opening hours:

Monday to Sunday

8am-10pm April to October
8am-3pm November to March

Lindos acropolis entry fee:

  • Adults – 12 euros
  • Under 12s – free
  • Students from EU countries – free
  • Students from non-EU countries – 6 euros
  • Over 65s from EU countries – half price

Tips for visiting the acropolis

  • Wear sunscreen because there’s nowhere to hide – it gets incredibly hot!
  • Bring water. As above – it’s hot and you’ll be thirsty, especially if you walked.
  • Exert a degree of caution – there are plenty of steep ledges/steps you can trip on.

Things to do near Lindos

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Head down to Vlycha beach

The closest beach to us was Vlycha beach, which was really nice. The sand stretches out for around three kilometres and is a mix of sand and shingle. Although it’s dotted with parasols and places offering watersports, it doesn’t feel too crowded. There’s also a dedicated sunbathing area for guests of the Lindos Village & Spa.

Eat lunch at Banana Beach Bar

My favourite part of the beach was the amazing beachside café, Banana Beach Bar, which we headed to for lunch every time that we’re there. Nestled in between palm trees and fringed with greenery, it was tranquil, relaxed, and the perfect spot to enjoy some shade.

The food was also lovely! I tended to opt for more of the light bites when I was there – such as Greek salad or yoghurt topped with honey – but there were also burgers and other usual suspects on the menu. I also made sure I enjoyed a chilled cocktail or cider.

Find out more about Banana Beach Bar here.

Banana Beach Bar address: 851 07 Lindos Greece

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Where to stay In Lindos Rhodes

We stayed a little bit outside Lindos village, which had pros and cons.

We booked a stay at the Lindos Village Resort & Spa, a rather lovely looking hotel with its own private beach just down the road. The resort is designed to look like an old-world Greek village with all those whitewashed buildings and narrow alleyways and steps, which I liked. It’s adults only, which worked for me.

As a four-star hotel, it also includes some luxurious touches.

What are the rooms like at Lindos Village Resort & Spa?

The rooms are stylish and minimal. Expect neutral shades with warm taupe walls offset by crisp white sheets and light linen curtains. You’ll find one or two potted plants dotted around to add a pop of greenery but overall everything is clean, simple and fresh.

All the rooms at Lindos Village come with balconies. As ours was on the ground floor it opened out onto all this lovely lush greenery around us that we could spill out onto. It certainly made for a nice backdrop for my photos! Overall, I really liked the room here.

lindos rhodes

What did I like about Lindos Village Resort & Spa?

There were certainly a lot of things to like about Lindos Village & Spa in Rhodes.

We got a glass of prosecco on arrival for one, which I always think sets the tone for a holiday very nicely. The breakfast at Lindos Village & Spa is also great. There’s a huge variety of breakfast buffet choices to ponder over, including far too many cakes and pastries which I had to try and (not very successfully) swerve every morning. The pool area was also pretty chilled, although we didn’t spend much time there over the course of the trip.

As I mentioned, there was also the private beach area just down the road, which is cordoned off for guests. It means you don’t have to shell out on a deckchair and parasol each day, which doesn’t sound like much but it does add up. It was much better to have this cash for cocktails!

What I liked:

  • Prosecco on arrival
  • Stylish room decor
  • Chilled pool area
  • Breakfast was amazing!
  • Private beach area
lindos rhodes

What didn’t I like about Lindos Village & Spa?

I mentioned that it’s slightly outside of Lindos, right? That means you have to either catch a bus or book a taxi through the hotel anytime you go anywhere. All fine in theory I know. However, the walk down to the bus stop is about 15 minutes away, so while it is right outside the entrance to the hotel it is a bit further than you may think. I definitely remember being sticky and sweaty by the time we actually got to the bus stop.

I also have talk about the steps at Lindos Village & Spa. The hotel is positioned on a hill, so there’s going to be steps. However, I remember being out of breath a LOT – especially on the way to breakfast each morning.

The walk to the beach, again, isn’t too far, but when it’s really hot you do get tired really quickly and so I never really enjoyed it very much. It’s also uphill on the way home. After you’ve been lounging on the beach for the majority of the day the thought of having to climb the hill didn’t exactly have me bouncing around with excitement either.

I would definitely keep these things in mind if you’re thinking of booking Lindos & Village & Spa resort. Let’s just say you’ll definitely get your daily steps in!

What I didn’t like:

  • A lot of steps
  • Reliant on taxis/buses
  • Bit of a walk to the bus stop

That’s my complete guide to Lindos Rhodes – I hope that was useful!

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