• Rosa Burke says:

    I don’t always wear makeup to work because I have a VERY casual workplace (gym shorts to work haha) but I usually do wear makeup to interviews or academic events. I agree – it’s part of how I present myself day to day so why would I present myself differently at work? I also feel like a lot of the people who criticize women for wearing makeup still subconsciously treat me (and I’m assuming most other women) differently when they don’t. It’s not right that people think I’m not professional bare-faced, but it’s up to them to stop that mentality – don’t set up an unfair standard and then criticize me for meeting it. (Also I just really like lipstick lol).

    • It’s tricky isn’t it? I love make-up but then I also hate the aesthetic standards women are held to. I don’t want to feel like I’m playing into that just because I want to wear make-up. I love that you can wear cycling shorts to work – that’s the dream right there!

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