• Great post! Number 4 and 8 really resonated with me (food and clothes lol). But everything you have said is true. I’ve just got into it because my hubby is at home to force me and it’s actually quite fun, I must admit. I hate running though, you can keep that one 😂 xxx

    helendebrahampofo.com x

    • Haha yeah I’m doing quite well with the morning workouts at the moment with being on lockdown, not sure how it’s going to go when I’ve got to factor in a commute and all the other stuff. What do you do with your hubby, is that gym workouts? I loathe the gym! 😂

  • […] I can guarantee that you won’t come back feeling the same way you left. If you don’t want to run, a walk is just as good – anything that gets you into the fresh air for 20 minutes or so. I know that sounds like something your mum would tell you to do when you were a teenager and wanted to lie in bed all day, but I have a much higher appreciation for fresh air and the positive impact it can have now. If you need a little more motivation, take a look at my blog post on the positive effects of exercise here. […]

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