Easy ways to freshen up your home (on a budget)

I’m all about the easy wins! Here are some easy decor ideas for your home that will help you style your space with the minimum of effort…

Add some colour with dried flowers

It’s all about the dried flowers. They’re cheap, super-pretty and they’re not going to die on you. Confession: I wasn’t into dried flowers when I first started doing up my flat. I was all about the living breathing stuff – a cheese plant here, a yukka plant there, and couple of towering dragon trees that I’d carried home like a new pet in a blanket. Now, though, I’ve realised that my green friends can be a little bit high maintenance. All that watering and needing to be near natural sunlight, right? Way too much effort. Dried flowers are the opposite – easy to deal with and you can pretty much decide on your colour scheme and pick a plant that suits. I got some lavender for my upstairs mantelpiece and I’m so pleased with it – the blueish-purple shade is to die for and it was also an absolute bargain.

Transform your space with cushions

I am all about the cushions and that’s because they have the potential to transform a space. It was only when I got the ASOS tiger print cushion for the turquoise sofa downstairs that I really felt I’d nailed my personal style; up until that point I’d been trying out this boho look that wasn’t really me. The room still isn’t finished but now I know where I want to go with it at least. It was also the cushions that pulled together the whole look of my bedroom. Before I added in the black pom pom cushion and the two yellow cushions (pic below) I had no idea where I was going with it, I knew I liked the tapestry but I didn’t know where to go next. The cushions tied everything together and now I love this space.

Tidy away your clutter with wicker baskets

I love a wicker basket, which is pretty clear because I have about half a dozen dotted around my flat in various places. I think my obsession was inspired by @hygge_for_home but for me, it’s their versatility that’s key. Some of them house the aforementioned plants, the one in my spare bedroom keeps my straighteners and hair styling paraphernalia contained, and another one upstairs holds my make-up so it’s in easy reach when I get ready in the morning. They’re so useful! I even got a snake-charmer basket with a lid to hide all the dog’s toys in but unfortunately he just knocks the lid off and drags his toys out at every available opportunity. I spend my life picking them up and popping them back in!

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Throwing it back tonight to a long time ago. It’s nearly a whole year since we said goodbye to our first family home & renovation! I really love something in this picture & I am not referring to the little lady 😂 although I love her more than the thing! I’ll give you a clue the thing that I love has the same name as my little lady?!! . I won’t reveal it just yet, I’ll let you think about it some more.. but there are a few of our things that I really want to find a place for in our new house & I have recently been reunited with it & have found a place for it in our rental 😀 Swipe right to see. . Are there things in your current house that you would want to find a place for if you moved? . We will be travelling light to the next place but there are a few things that are definitely coming with us. . I assume by now you’ll know exactly what I am talking about 😂 it’s the Insta famous “Poppy rug” of course from French Connection. I still love it! 😍 . Have a lovely evening. ♥️ . . . #myhyggehome #apartmenttherapy #frenchconnection #hygge #cosyrustic #cosyhome #livingroomdecor #livingroomdecoration #sittingroom #livingroomdesign #inspire_me_home_decor #marieclairemaison #stylingtheseasons #mybeautifulmess #modernrustic #elledecor #boligmagasinet #interiorforyou #interiormagasinet #beautifulhomes #interiordesigned #ikeaatmine #simpledecor #storageideas #interior4inspo #whiteinterior

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Hide the dodgy flooring with a good rug

A strong rug game is essential to styling your home effectively. Faux sheepskins, runners, the La Redoute rug (I love it so much I have TWO)… I am all over it. For ages I always thought we were going to have to replace the weird gym floor that we have upstairs because it was, well, a bit rough around the ages. However, having put wooden floors in downstairs I can testify to the cost and there’s no way we could ever afford to do it. So I got more creative and just bought a couple of rugs instead. Honestly, what a difference! They look lovely. I’ve experimented with different shapes and textures to give each area of the open plan space a different feel, and I actually want to get more – I think a really graphic monogram rug under the palette coffee table would look lush. So there we are: just buy rugs.

Forget about gallery walls for now

Everyone loves a gallery wall these days but the one thing I’ve learned about those is that they’re bloody expensive. Hence, I don’t have one yet. What I do have are a couple of statement pieces that have made a real difference to filling those empty walls. One example is the oversized tropical wall tapestry in the bedroom – it’s so big that I only need a couple of other bits and pieces around it to finish it off. Another one is a piece of art by an artist I like called Audrey Kawasaki in the kitchen that ties in nicely with the pastel blue fridge and has brightened the place up while I save up for the gallery wall. Desenio and Junique are great for affordable pieces that won’t bust your budget – and you can also pin or tape prints to the wall rather than feeling like everything has to be framed. It really doesn’t!

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