• Brooke at Blue to Bliss says:

    As I read through your post, I found myself shaking me head in agreement constantly. Blogging is definitely a lot more work than writing and waiting to be discovered. And Pinterest is amazing for traffic.

  • It’s SO much work! I’m enjoying Pinterest but I actually think I might look into learning SEO as a next step as I feel that’s a real gap in my knowledge right now. It’s good to just keep on learning and growing!

  • ohlucystyle says:

    This has been really helpful to read, thank you! Especially for someone who is relatively new to blogging

  • Yaaau5356 says:

    Your advice is bang on thank u so much for sharing. It makes me a little calm after reading this.

    • Thank you so much! 😊 It’s definitely been a steep learning curve but whenever I’m having a meltdown I try and remind myself how much I’ve learned in a short space of time!

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