7 self-care tips for self-isolating

With Covid-19 having properly hit in the UK a lot of us are now currently working from home and self-isolating. It’s not easy, but we’re all in it together. Here are my favourite self-care practices for getting through the next few weeks…

Keep to your usual routines + rituals

When the world throws a curve ball like it has in the past few weeks, the best thing to do is to try and keep everything else in your life as normal as possible. While it isn’t possible to control what’s going on with Covid-19, it is possible to control your own structure and routines. Usually wake up at 8am? Keep your alarm set. Normally have oats with blueberries for breakfast? Keep making it. Likewise, you’re working from home then try and extract yourself from your comfies and put on your usual workwear. You’ll feel better for it.

Try and get some exercise

As I’ve said in previous posts, if I don’t exercise I lose all structure to my day and I just end up wasting hours lying in bed and looking at shit on my phone. And when I say shit I mean the AIBU posts on Mumsnet. Moving swiftly on… if you can, get outside from some fresh air for a run or a brisk walk. If not, there are plenty of fantastic workout videos on YouTube on Instagram. One of my favourite health and fitness bloggers, the Body Coach, has even created a workout suited to elderly people, which my parents did this week. Grab some weights or those stockpiled tins of beans, and get ready to sweat.

Clear up your space

I never seem to take much satisfaction from cleaning in the way that a lot of people do, and I’m certainly not part of the whole hinching scene. But – and it’s a big but – normally I’m so busy rushing around from work to exercise to socialising that I don’t really notice the few crumbs on the kitchen worktops. A few crumbs, LOL, who I am kidding?! Anyway, we’re all spending a lot more time in our spaces right now and so it makes sense from a self-care and hygiene perspective to keep things clean. Once you’re done you can light a candle and marvel at the non-dusty surfaces.

Allow yourself to just be

As mentioned, it’s a weird situation that we’re all in and so you might be feeling a little all over the place. Don’t feel guilty in taking time to read, watch a movie, take a nap, or write a blog or journal post. I decided to flex my productivity muscle and finally bought Ell Duclos’s Pinterest course, which I’ve been meaning to start for ages. If you’re looking for any chill out recommendations, I’m currently reading Three Women and Such a Fun Age and I also just watch The Invisible Man last night, which was excellent. And of course there’s always Netflix show Love Is Blind if you’ve not seen it yet.

Make some nutritious food

As above, in the usual whirlwind of day-to-day life I never really have a change to cook nice food. It’s all frozen Quorn sausages or fish cakes or whatever my boyfriend happens to be cooking. I’m going to use the extra time when I would have been commuting to try a few new recipes from one of the Pinch of Nom cookbooks I bought at the beginning of the year, and haven’t really used very much since. If I can cook a couple of nice meals that I can also use to stock up the freezer that’s a win win.

Schedule a call with your friends

As an introvert I hardly ever phone anyone – normally it’s just a whole load of WhatsApp messages pinging up on my home screen. Now though, I’m actually craving face to face time (in kind) with my pals. One of the funniest moments from my week was chatting with my sister on video call and inspecting what she described as her “well-stocked cupboards” which turned out to be about four tins of beans and a pack of bagels. At least she’s not one of the stockpilers, right? But this is a really crazy time and it feels good to share it with the people who are going through it with you.

Share how you feel

One of the things I’ve been surprised about in this crisis is that people have opened up a lot more. I told my mum I loved her today and I don’t really do that all that often, we’re just not that kind of family. Similarly, one of my friends who lives in China and has never had a serious answer to a question in the entire time I’ve known him has now become a voice of authority on self-isolation, having done it since January. I keep seeing posts from him on my Facebook wall, urging people to take it seriously, to stay indoors, to realise what kind of damage this virus can inflict. In some ways it’s made us all strip back the bullshit and just be our true selves, and that’s important.

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