It’s my puppy’s birthday

With everything going on in the world right now I thought we could do with some light-hearted fluff. Literal fluff. Here’s some cute puppy pictures and facts about my dog…

Let’s talk about the pup. His name is Casper and he’s a golden labrador.

So I spell his name with a C and my boyfriend spells his name with a K. Apparently it’s after Kasper Schmeichel (a football player) but I think it makes him sound like a Kardashian dog.

Like most dogs, his favourite activity is chasing after a ball. Any ball, anywhere.

When we have the occasional night away he spends it hanging out with his pup pals Charlie (right) and Keenai (left). Keenai has this big Jack Nicholson-esque grin which is pretty appropriate as she’s always getting up to mischief. We actually dog sat Charlie for a weekend last year to road test having a dog before we got Casper, which I would recommend to everyone thinking about getting a pup.

He never lets anyone get a lie in. This morning I woke up to him licking my face.

He’s a big vegetable fan. He eats courgette, green beans and lots of carrots. His after dinner birthday treat tonight was a frozen carrot which temporarily baffled him (the frozen part).

He makes the occasional appearance on my Instagram account which mostly features my house. Luckily he blends in with the colour scheme pretty nicely, as you can tell from the above pic! Where does the floor end and the dog begins?!

And that’s it! He turned one today, so happy birthday Kasper Casper!

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