7 things you need for your first day at a new job

Starting a new job is a funny thing. It’s exciting, scary, fun and a little bit anxiety-inducing all at the same time. Or perhaps that’s just me. I started my new role a whole seven days ago, and it’s already been a rollercoaster ride of lovely new colleagues to meet, new systems to learn, and a fresh commute to get my head around. Suffice to say, there’s a LOT of information to listen to, process and retain. With that in mind, here’s my guide for what you should bring on your first day at a new job…

What to bring on your first day at a new job:

A notebook and a pen. The likelihood is you’ll either be given a branded notebook on arrival or they’ll be available in house, but it stops you showing up to that first meeting with your new boss without one. There’s going to be a lot of information coming your way, so it’s good to be ready for it.

A well-rehearsed couple of lines to introduce yourself and what you’ll bring to the role – otherwise known as an elevator pitch. You’ll be meeting a lot of people over the next few days so it’s good to get this down early, just to make sure you something *unexpected* doesn’t pop out of your mouth.

Mints and / chewing gum. First impressions count, and if your breath isn’t fresh you’re going to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. The last thing you want is to feel that you can’t make that important point to your new colleague because your breath isn’t as sweet as it should be.

Cash or a credit card. It’s tricky to know what to expect from your first day. Will you go out for lunch with your new colleagues? Do you need cash to join in the coffee run? Will the bus home take card? Make sure you’re covered for all eventualities by carrying both a card and cash with you.

“It’s tricky to know what to expect from your first day at a new job, so make sure you carry both cash and card to ensure you’re covered for all eventualities. You don’t want to miss out on the coffee run, do you?”

Layers. Air conditioning is a political issue is the workplace, so be prepared for it either being too hot or too cold. The cable knit jumper might not be a good shout if you’ve only got a vest top on underneath and your industrial strength deodorant is being tested at 11.23am. Trust me, I know.

A mini bottle of deodorant. See above. As someone who has also had to sit in a meeting with arms physically clamped to sides before, I can’t stress this enough. You probably won’t need it, but it’s good to have it in your bag, just in case. Same goes for tampons, paracetamol, and a pack of tissues.

Permission to relax when you get home. I didn’t go to the gym the whole first week of my job, and that was because by the time I’d been at work all day, navigated the journey home and picked up stuff for dinner I was exhausted. So ease up on yourself and don’t give yourself a hard time over it.

What would you bring along to you first day in a new job?

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