7 things that always happen on holiday

Are you even on holiday if you don’t…

End up in a tourist trap

It’s the thing every blog and guide book tells you not to do but *confession alert* I never seem to get through a holiday with a clean bill. How come you never end up hungry / thirsty / freezing / desperate for a pee next to the beautiful Instagram cafes you’ve spent so much time researching beforehand? It’s always the touristy ones that you go into in sheer desperation and then wish you could leave five minutes after the sticky plastic menus are dumped on your table. We ended up in one on day one of Budapest. Despite everything, I quite enjoyed my hot chocolate, even it it did have a streamer in it.

Have an argument on the first day

Someone tell me it’s not just me? I feel like it always happens on the first day of a holiday. In Budapest we had a stupid row because our plans to walk across town to a museum were thrown up in air when it decided to snow really, really hard. We ended up wandering around without a plan (and without an umbrella) until we figured out what we were doing. But then I’ve also had an argument in Venice when the weather was fine. So what causes it? Is it just all the stress of work and life and the crappy Ryanair flight over before you actually get a chance to take a breath and relax? Or am I just a grump?

Get the worst seats on the river cruise

From Amsterdam, Phnom Penh and New York, doing a river cruise is almost a rite of passage in a city break – as long as there’s a river of course. We turned up five minutes before the boat left In Budapest so that meant we were last on… and so we were one of the few suckers that didn’t get a window seat. Much grumble, so sad. On the plus side, we were right next to 1) the bar and the delicious hot fruit tea they served and 2) the doors to the upper deck – which meant that when the sun started to sink we were first up for those ridiculously gorgeous sunset pics. So all in all, it wasn’t that bad.

Risk your iPhone to get that must-have photograph

You’re not on holiday if you’re not precariously holding your phone above a massive drop / through some railings / above water in order to get that gorgeous shot of the views, right? For me it was in the steaming Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest where I merrily snapped photos in the water while praying I wouldn’t be stupid enough to drop it in the water. Just one small slip of my fingers and my entire life in electronic form would be gone, just like that. The fear was real.

Pack unsuitable clothing

I seem to have a bad habit of doing this. I remember being in Krakow in April a couple of years ago with a suitcase full of jumpers and jackets… and the weather was unexpectedly gorgeous the whole time. I was also in trouble in Budapest as I slipped and skidded all the way up the snow-draped Gellert Hill in my little Berska fashion boots. I had checked my weather app this time but the snow wasn’t mentioned and caught me off guard. At least it looked lovely in the photographs…

Have to queue for ‘the’ Instagram shot

From the Rialto Bridge in Venice to Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, there’s always one shot that everyone wants to get for the ‘gram and that means you usually have to wait for it. The people at Fisherman’s Bastion really made me laugh. There were two couples; one were super fast and were in and out like absolute pros. The others took ages, inspected the photos, weren’t happy, had to do more. When it came to my turn I’d picked up so many tips that I was really happy with how mine turned out!

What do you always do on holiday?


  1. I never remember the adaptor thing for my plugs and seem to have a collection now at home. I am rubbish at remembering to take photos but I have definitely got better at packing weather ready clothes. Your holiday looked lovely 😊 !


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