5 things I haven’t given up this January

I’ve had enough of feeling deprived and guilty, thank you very much…

1) Entire food groups. Carbs, sugar, all the really, really tasty stuff… you get the idea. As I mentioned in my previous post on the irritating fitness fads I’d to cancel, I’m so over all of that diet industry nonsense. It was pretty much game over by the time I ordered that Chinese takeaway on January 3 anyway, and I don’t feel remotely bad about it. Everything in moderation, right?

2) Alcohol. Please see above. I admire everyone doing Dry January in the same way I admire people who become surrogate parents or dedicate their lives to god, but it’s just not for me. If I wasn’t able to have a glass of wine after my first week back at work I don’t know what I would have done.

3) Social media. Yes, I know I should be living more in the moment and not looking at my phone 6000 times a day but, y’know, Instagram. And Pinterest. And Twitter. Send help.

4) Chasing my side hustle. Not only have I just got a new full-time job, which starts in February, but I’ve also been offered more hours on my freelance side hustle. So while I might look like I’m hiding under a layer of post-Christmas of flub and exhaustion, I’m still hustling.

5) Shopping. Along with the rest of the world, I spent far too much money in December. But I also have a holiday booked in February. And a new job that needs a new wardrobe. ASOS ads keeps popping up on my Instagram timeline. It’s not my fault…

What are you not giving up this January?

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