The 5 health and fitness fads I’d like to cancel…

Frankly, I’ve had enough of diet industry bullshit. Here are the health and fitness fads that I’ve left behind in 2019…

1) Tracking my workouts. This may be a controversial one. Have you even exercised if you haven’t tracked your run, measured your progress, and posted the Strava pic on Facebook? Well, it’s not for me. I found that I was coming back from a run, feeling good about myself, and then having my Nike app telling me that I was 55 seconds slower than my last run and it just bummed me out. It drained all the feel-good endorphins I got out of it and made me feel like I had to do better next time, or it somehow didn’t count. I’ve enjoyed running so much more since I stopped.

2) Always having to be challenging yourself. I hate this idea that you always HAVE to be pushing yourself at the gym or it somehow doesn’t count. Lift heavier, run faster, do another rep… I hear it all the time. It’s fine if you’re really into fitness but for me, I just want to do a half hour workout and then plonk myself on the couch for the rest of the night. And that’s OK.

3) Cancelling whole food groups. I’ve mentioned this before but I’m certainly over giving up whole food groups in the name of losing weight as it’s just too restrictive. Let’s face it: it’s usually always carbs that you’re supposed to ditch and that means that even reasonably healthy dishes like spaghetti bolognese are out of the window. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d prefer to have a small portion of what I like and be done with it.

“I hate the idea that you always have to be challenging yourself at the gym or it somehow doesn’t count.”

4) The newest fitness craze. I got so into the protein thing a couple of years ago but when I look back on it the amount I was eating was crazy: whole avocados, pork chops, overnight oats with protein and topped with loads of nuts… SO. MUCH. FOOD. At the time I thought I was being healthy because I was using coconut oil or eating less carbs, when in reality all the high fat food was probably even worse. It’s not all bad – I did get some tasty recipes out of it that I still use, particularly the super tasty overnight oats.

5) Feeling like you have to be in the weights room at the gym or you’re not working out. There’s a huge craze around weights at the moment and while I like a body pump class as much as the rest of them, I’ve never really been that into lifting weights. In fact, over the past few weeks I’ve really fallen back in love with running and I’ve been going on two or three runs every week. Am I terrible because I’m not doing weights? No. It’s absolutely fine to just do what you enjoy.

Have I missed anything? What other health and fitness fads would you like to cancel?


  1. I agree with all of your ones to cancel. I got some good recipes from the protein thing but I don’t stick to it and don’t think anyone should. Weights…I like them but haven’t really done much since I started yoga. I will probably try and get back into it but don’t see why it is a complete must for people. Great post 🙂

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