My Friday favourites

From podcasts to Pinch of Nom’s healthy popcorn chicken, here are the 5 things I’m enjoying this week…

Pinch of Nom: Everyday Light

Oh, I know. How very predictable; it’s January and I’m buying a healthy eating cookbook. For me, though, this is more about inspiring me to cook full stop, because I’m absolutely useless at it. I’m keen to be able to batch cook healthy meals that I can eat over the space of two or three days, as then I only have to do it every other day. The popcorn chicken has been a winner so far.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day podcast

I know I’m spectacularly late to the party on this one, but this podcast was recommended to me when I was at home over Christmas. I read Elizabeth’s column in the You magazine fairly regularly but I stupidly didn’t know she had a podcast as well. It. Is. Amazing. For someone who feels like a big fat failure quite a lot of the time it’s very much needed. I even listened to it when I went running and I never listen to ANYTHING other than music when running, so that was the real litmus test.

Eylure Naturals false eyelashes

As you can tell wrong the slightly battered box and wonky lashes inside, I’ve worn these false eyelashes all through the festive season. I’ve worn them on days out to Edinburgh, on NYE, and on holiday, and I just think they’re the perfect lash. They’re fluttery, light and they give you that wide-awake look without being too full-on. I also love the simple powder pink box. Get yourself a pair.

Having time to blog

I’ve loved having time to blog… as well as having lots of time to do nothing. Normally everything in my daily life is so crammed and regimented; I go to work, come home, exercise, churn out some freelance work, squeeze in a blog post if I have time, then fall into bed, before rinsing and repeating the next day. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. It’s been lovely to have time to curl up on the sofa, stick on Netflix, and knock out a handful of blog posts without feeling like I’m on a timetable.

Accessorize baker boy hat

I picked this corduroy baker boy hat in the Accessorize at the airport on the way to Budapest in December, and I’ve pretty much worn it non-stop since then. Especially on the days when I needed to pop into town for the third day in a row to buy last-minute presents and couldn’t for the life of me be bothered doing my hair. I was so enamoured with this hat I even bought the maroon version for my sister for Christmas, and she also loved it. Who said panic buys are always a bad thing, eh?

What are you enjoying this January?

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