7 ways I changed in 2019

From developing a taste for Marmite to finally enjoying a holiday in Scotland, here are all the silly and superficial ways I changed in 2019...

  1. I started liking Marmite. As the saying goes: you either like it or you hate it. Well, I started off hating it, or disliking at least, and now I like it. I blame a combination of two things. 1) my sister feeding me Marmite and cream cheese bagels when I was hungover a and 2) their hypnosis-inspired marketing campaign. They’ve literally brainwashed me into liking it.
  2. I became a dog person. Yeah. *Waves*. Cat person over here, but this year my boyfriend and I got a a little labrador puppy. As someone who grew up with cats I wasn’t sure how I would take to having a dog, but I really do like it. He’s pretty bloody adorable, which helps.
  3. I went on holiday to Scotland… and actually enjoyed it. For the last 15 years I’ve always felt like a holiday isn’t a holiday unless you left the country. However, since getting the puppy it’s way more difficult to go on holiday abroad, and it’s actually nice to take him with us. So we’ve had two staycations in Crieff and Pitlochry with the pup, and it’s been lovely. Like, proper lovely. I think there may even be more in 2020. Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are.
  4. I started dressing like a grown up. Yeah. This has taken me by surprise. I’ve always been on the scruffy side, but these year I seem to actually have left the punk rock vibes behind, at least on the surface. They’re still coming out of my earphones on Spotify of course.
  5. I finally ‘got’ small bags. I’d never owned a clutch bag in my whole life until a couple of years ago. I would rock up to a night out with the same hold-it-all handbag that I carried around all day, where I’d eye the tiny clasped purses everyone else had with suspicion. Now, though, I seem to have developed a partial obsession with cute little bags and I recently picked up a Valentino-inspired studded number from Zara. Although I prefer to see it as more of an homage to my goth roots and the studded collar I once owned. See above.
  6. I realised that I’m over beach holidays. For the past few years I’ve always had a summer beach holiday and I’ve seen it as ‘essential’ recuperation – because what could be more relaxing than lying horizontal for seven days? However, when we went to Rhodes this year the part I enjoyed the most was exploring the Rhodes old town, as well as the very charming Lindos village. Strangely, feeling inadequate in my bikini on the beach paled in comparison. Next year I might look into something that combines a few days of city and culture with some relaxation – perhaps Dubrovnik and then Pula or Rome and then a few days at the Amalfi coast.
  7. I realised I was the person that was holding me back more than anything else. From thinking I somehow wasn’t good enough to be a freelance writer to being too scared to put myself out there and launch a blog, this year I’ve finally started being a bit braver. And it feels bloody great.

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