5 things every freelancer and blogger can relate to

I’m only a few months deep into freelancing and blogging, but these are the things I’ve noticed have happened ever since I started…

1) Your time is never free anymore. You remember quite clearly those glorious lazy mornings when you could wake up, have a cup of tea in bed, and then just do what you liked. Now, your time is so precious you practically need a PA to help you to plan how to fit everything in. And Sundays? They’re like the new Monday, except you get to sit on the couch on your pyjamas.

2) Your house is never tidy. The dishwasher remains unemptied, the floor unhoovered, and the giant box that housed the two lampshades you ordered last week remains in the hallway, blocking everyone who tries to get past. You will get round to moving it, obviously, just not now. Why? Because there’s a deadline to meet / blog to write, and chores just can’t compete with that.

“Sundays are the new Monday, except you get to sit in the couch in your pyjamas.”

3) The notes function on your phone has seen more action than a Deliveroo driver on a Friday night. Never have you quickly typed up so many half-written blogs on the train / in your bed last thing at night / walking down the street at lunch as you have since you started blogging. But it’s all worth it when you can just copy and paste direct onto your blog. Now that is a beautiful moment.

“Your marketing game is strong, you just haven’t had a chance to execute it properly yet.”

4) You have a list as long as your arm about all the tips and tricks you’re going to utilise to increase traffic to your blog, just as soon as you get a moment… whenever that’s going to be. From SEO auditing, affiliate marketing, and using Tailwind for Pinterest, your marketing game is strong, you just haven’t had a chance to execute it properly yet, right? Christmas, that’s when it’s happening.

5) You’re constantly thinking about work. Whether it’s trying to figure out how you’re going to squeeze out that freelance piece before the end of the week or thinking about what places are going to make the cut in your newest travel blog, the cogs are constantly whirring. Plus, you always end up taking about 300 photographs of everything ‘just in case’ you decide to blog about it.

What other things do you do (or not do) as a freelancer or blogger? I’d love to hear yours!

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