4 brands to buy on Depop

Looking for big savings on your favourite brands? Here’s come you can save over £200 on your favourite style picks…

I don’t know about you but if I’m struggling to find something online at a decent price then Depop is one of my first ports of call, particularly now I’m back in love with it. You can read more about that on my blog here. If you’re looking for high quality items that come with the premium price tag then it’s a great option, and so much easier to use than bloody eBay. Plus if you’re looking for a brand you know and have bought before then you have a good idea of quality and fit. Here are my top tip for what brands buy…


I love a Kanken. They’re incredibly well designed – both aesthetically and functionally – so you can carry a whole load of shit without it hurting your back in the way other backpacks do. I had a quick look on Depop after a conversation with my sister recently where we were moaning about the price of them. Lo and behold, you can get one with the labels still on for around £28. That’s a saving of around £50 on the retail price. Not bad at all.


I recently posted about my lush Annandale Barbour jacket that I got for £30 on Depop. My boyfriend wears Barbour jackets and it’s only when I borrowed his one day when I was on 6am dog waking duty that I realised how good they are. As they’re proper outdoors wear they’re warm and actually keep the wind out, even at 6am, unlike all the frivolous fashion coats I tend to own. This particular style retails at around £100, so that’s a tasty £70 saving.


I don’t know if anyone else has ever been shocked when you’ve strolled into a sports shop and realised just how horrifyingly expensive gym gear is. I could probably only afford a measly t-shirt every couple of months if I bought new, which would be no use at all in the depths of winter. A quick search on Depop reveals an endless supply of gym gear, such as this super cosy Nike running top which I’ve definitely got my eye on. To buy new you’re going to be around £55 so £27 isn’t bad at all – and don’t forget you can negotiate prices.


A good leather jacket is a wardrobe staple, and having owned a couple of Topshop ones in my time I know they’re a good fit and quality. When my old studded leather jacket stared flaking and falling apart (through literal overuse, so sad) I headed straight onto Depop to get another one and it didn’t disappoint. I ended up buying and selling a couple until I found the perfect fit. I got my current one for £25 which isn’t bad going when you think it would retail for around £60. That’s a £35 saving.

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