5 more things I’ll never be (that I’m totally OK with)

Welcome to part two of the list of things that I’ll never be…

Someone who has to be busy

You know those people who have to pack something into every second of their weekend otherwise they feel they haven’t made the most of it? Not me. I started writing this the other day from an airbnb near Pitlochry. It was the middle of the afternoon and I was sat there with the fire on doing not very much at all. However, after looking at the visitors’ book I felt more than a bit twitchy. There were so many recommendations that other people had done: a three hour walk, a two hour cycle up a mountain, a quick jaunt into Pitlochry and then a visit to the castle that is an absolute must-see. Was I awful because I just wanted to chill? I thought that was what holidays were for.


I love decorating my little house and at one point I wanted to do an entire blog just on interiors. Then I realised that my house is just never tidy. Like, ever. I was constantly trying to take pictures on my phone while manoeuvring the empty cups and clutter and the piles of washing and everything else out of the way. I also get massively stressed when my boyfriend tells me people are just going to ‘pop in’. Doesn’t he know that it’s not socially acceptable to have a pile of dirty washing on your bathroom floor? Perhaps I could try bringing some Instagram realness to the party and showing off my messy house in all its glory, but I have a feeling the the world isn’t ready for that yet.

Someone who doesn’t shop at Primark

I know, that’s a whole lot of double negatives. What I mean by that is when I was younger I always thought there might be an age when you stop shopping at all the proper bargain places like Primark. You know, one day you’d just magically wake up and Ted Baker and Warehouse would be your shops of choice. I’m 34 and that day hasn’t come yet, and I think maybe that’s testament to the amazing items that you can get out of there that don’t break the bank. Trust me, when you’re trying to do up your house, travel, and have some cute outfits to wear from time to time, Primark is essential.

The smartest person in the room

I’m the kind of person that panics about board game nights and pub quizzes because my brain evaporates out of my brain as soon as I’ve had a sip of wine. Ask me the capital city of somewhere really obvious and I’ll probably struggle to tell you. But you know what, people say it’s good NOT to be the smartest person in the room, because that means you’re always learning from other people’s wisdom and knowledge. In my current job, I’m really enjoying being surrounded by people who have expertise in things I don’t, because it means I’m constantly learning, really from just keeping my eyes open and my ears pricked up. So come to me, free knowledge… until the next sip of wine of course.


From growing my hair, scrutinising my stomach after two days of a new workouts at the gym, to waiting for the kettle to boil when I really, really need a cup of coffee on a Monday morning, patience may be a virtue but it really isn’t my jam. Even right now I’m sitting here feeling bummed because I wrote what I thought was a cool blog post the other day and it’s totally bombed. So most of all, I need to have more patience when it comes to growing my blog. Anyone with me on this one?

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