The beauty basics you need to own

Despite Kate Moss’s views on basics, I think I kinda love them. In the beauty world at least. If you’re looking for some basic beauty buys that won’t cost a fortune then come on in…

Mitchum deodorant

There was a time I used to feel shame (shame, shame) when I picked up one of these in Superdrug. I’d have to hide under other items in my basket in the way you do with tampons and condoms so that it was out of sight from other customers who were sure to see it and judge (shame, shame). Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, Mitchum doesn’t exactly scream glamour. However, it sure as hell does the job. This guy has saved me from many, many emergencies. Y’know, like when the air con is broken and you’re in a boiling hot meeting with only some man-made fibres between you and the professional suicide of HAVING A PERSONAL ODOUR ISSUE AT WORK. That one.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara

Trouble finding the perfect mascara? Well, for us, it has to be this one. When the rest of the world seems to have gone mad pushing all these gimmicky new wand shapes, which range from curved to comb-shaped to actual torture device-like wrecking balls that I would not put anywhere near my eye, this one is simple and effective. It’s like the old black and white movie star of the mascara world; a real classic. It’s not too wet, it builds up individual lashes nicely without clumping, and doesn’t migrate onto your cheeks half way through the day. Just wonderful.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation

It’s tricky to find a good foundation. I’ve fallen for a whole lot of bad ones in my time; glide-on sticks, mousses, wet and dry, and a whole of other gimmicky nonsense. No more. I have learned, grown, and now settled on The One; Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. It gives great coverage, lasts all day, and DOES NOT MOVE. I have literally gone running in it and it has stayed on, not that I’d recommend that to anyone that doesn’t want to emerge with a face full of spots. Even better, I’ve now discovered that it’s sold on Amazon I don’t even have to go and make small talk (introvert shudder) with the person at the counter in Boots – a couple of clicks and it’s at my house. Easy as pie.

Aussie Three Minute Miracle

We’re not prone to believing what hair products tell us. We were purveyors of Sun In once upon a time so, y’know, we’re probably lucky to actually have hair left. But this deep conditioning treatment is different. It says exactly what it does on the bottle, and then it does it. Just like that. It is indeed a miracle. Plus it smells AMAZING, like holidays and zero stress and delicious sugary fun. If there’s anything that can make me feel marginally less grumpy at 7.03 in the morning it’s this.

Zara perfume

You’ve not lived until you’ve panic bought perfume while you’re standing in the queue at Zara. Although, usually the queues are so long you get plenty of time to have a good old sniff, so I take that back. Anyway, when it comes to perfumes, I don’t exist in a realm where I can dose up on several spritzes of a £60 bottle of perfume every day and feel OK about it. That shit is for special occasions, or at least the weekend. There are many alternative options available – I’ve heard people rave about how good Aldi perfume is – but for me, Zara is the one. The bottles are cute and will look lush on your dresser next to the all the fancy shit, and they actually smell good too. Join the revolution.

Do you agree with my picks – or do you have any other must-own beauty basics to share?

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