My best ever Depop buys

Heyyyyy Depop, I am back and I love you more than ever.

I am officially back on Depop. After an absence of about 12 months, I’m back in the scrolling zone and wondering why I ever left. So what brought me back? Actually the only reason is because someone bought one of my items. I had to access my account, it transpired I’d actually sold the item they’d bought on another site and hadn’t updated it, so I had to sort that out, and then I sloooowly got sucked back in…

Have I been on a Depop spending spree yet? The answer would be yes. I’m currently looking for a puffer coat for taking the dog out in winter. I have not yet bought that. I have however got a lovely Barbour Annandale quilted jacket which is absolutely beautiful. Look at how beautiful it is. It may not be the level of practicality I was looking for, but who could resist? There are still more on Depop. Go look.

So anyway, this renewed enthusiasm for Depop got me thinking about what my best ever Depop finds have been. There have been many. Trainers, tops, a leather jacket I’m never out of… there are so many to choose from. However, I decided it had to be my French Connection leopard print coat that I got for a very tasty £30.

I wear this ALL the time. It has such a sleek silhouette and that’s quite unusual in a leopard print coat – normally they’re quite bulky, but this has a long hemline and is a super flattering cut. OK, it might not button up so it is ever so slightly impractical but I always get compliments when I wear it. People can’t believe that 1) it’s French Connection and 2) I got it second hand.

So there you go. I would love to hear what your favourite Depop and Vinted finds!


    1. Thanks so much. It is really easy to spend, but it’s also nice to feel that you’re not spending quite as much as you would buying new. Just had a look at your blog, I’m now following for all your SEO and social media tips 🙂


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