The best Mexican restaurant in Dundee, Scotland

Visiting Scotland? Make sure you stop by this tiny little Mexican place…

Two words: the margaritas. I know this is a restaurant review and I should probably be talking about food, but they’re so good I have to write about them. Literally, I would go to Dundee-based Mexican restaurant Mas for the margaritas alone. I almost did once, although at the last minute we ended up adding a cheeky order of the queso fundido, aka molten cheese lava with chips to dip, another thing I always have to order when I go. Mmmm, molten cheese lava…

But seriously, the margaritas are THAT good. I can taste it on my tongue as I write this, that perfect hit of sweet and salt. The fact that there’s a different margarita ‘special’ on every night is just even better. My personal favourite is passionfruit, but I’m quite happy to take whatever is going as they’re always nice. Other drinks are available, of course, and some very tasty cocktails at that, including one incorporating Dundee marmalade. But enough rambling, let’s get on with this…

Mas is a very small, very cute Mexican restaurant in the west end of Dundee. Located on the Perth Road, which is home to many independent shops, cafes and boutiques, the restaurant fits in nicely. The décor iseclectic, with a cute mash-up of black and white tiles, industrial pipes, wood-chippanelling, and cosy raspberry-coloured leather booths. All reassuringlyInsta-worthy. And just in case there was any doubt, they have that ultimateInstagram signifier, a lightbox, displaying cute messages that will make yousmile.

And now to the main event; the food. Let’s be clear, Mas is The Place to go in Dundee for beautiful tapas-style Mexican food. Some people claim that Wee Mexico or Rancho Pancho are better. Ignore them. It’s simply not true. Mas is the place to be. The portion sizes are small and they come out quickiddy quick, so it’s ideal it it’s 5.42pm on a Friday and you’re flat out exhausted from the working week as well as being absolutely starving.

The queso fundido…

The food looks and tastes fresh and is surprisingly light – so while there is a lot of cheese, it’s not the cheesy, beige mush that you sometimes find yourself eating at Mexican restaurants. Nope, this is reassuringly colourful, almost rainbow coloured in parts, depending on what you order. I still dream of the pink pickled onion (some dreamy alliteration there) feta and chicken taco, or the sweet potato and chorizo quesadilla, or the grilled pineapple and prawn taco. What a combo.

Every time I go it’s a struggle to choose what to have – not because nothing particularly appeals but because I want a piece of everything. I’ve never had a bad meal here. If you’re not from Dundee then it’s definitely worth walking out a little further from the waterfront to try. Once you’re done then you can head across the road to traditional Scottish pub The Speedwell – locally known as Mennies – for a warm welcome from the locals and a drink. Or three.

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