It’s autumn and I want copper hair…

What’s so cool about copper hair colour anyway? I don’t know exactly, but I know that I like it, and I’m ALWAYS drawn to it as this time of year. From spiced up honeys to full on firebox reds, there really is a shade to suit everyone. If only I was brave enough…

Here are some of the coppery shades I’m coveting right now.

Autumn is here. The nights are drawing in, the leaves are going all crisp and golden, and with all the clockwork regularity of an ASOS order on payday I want copper hair.

Just for context: I swear this happens at the exact same moment every year. I found myself scrolling through my saved list of light copper hair inspo on my phone last night and it’s total déjà vu from last year, and the year before. I’m the person that talks about it, who daydreams about it, and who even downloads an app to superimpose copper-hued hair on my face.

“Im the person that talks about it, daydreams about it, but doesn’t actually ever do it”

The one thing I don’t do is actually do it. Why not? I’m booked into get my hair done on Saturday morning, so could this be the time I actually grow some guts and go ahead?

The honest answer is I don’t know. I’ve had previous with bad haircuts. My sister still gleefully recalls the time in my early twenties when I had a mullet. It was a proper mullet. It wasn’t what I intended – I was going for an early noughties Nicole Appleton mussed up layered cut, and it just went a bit wrong when the hairdresser got a bit snip happy. It took about a year to grow out, and I guess that’s put me off making any drastic changes to my current look.

“Autumn is here and with the clockwork regularity of a payday ASOS order I want copper hair.”

The other consideration is that my hair is fairly low maintenance at the moment. It’s blondish, with baylayage weaved through it and my natural colour on top. That means no roots and no six weekly pilgrimages to the hairdresser. It also means it costs less money, and when I’m trying to cram in doing up my house and going on holiday that’s a valuable asset.

So where does that leave me? At the moment, it leaves me gazing adoringly at my wish list of red head icons and wishing that I could be one of them. Whether I go for it or not, I thought I would share these with you – and maybe inspire you to be braver than I am.

Lana Del Rey

Is there anyone in the world as cool as Lana Del Rey? I don’t think so. Especially circa the Video Games era. If you’re looking for an iconic look, this is it right here.

Sienna Miller

Effortless style queen Sienna shows us all how to dress light copper hair – with a statement green coat. Come to think of it, I have a lovely green faux ur coat in my closet…

Hayley Williams

Man, I would love to try a firebox shade like this just for the transformative effect it would have. Never again would you to worry about standing out from a crowd.

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